A Little Background
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After a long time away from the original Trainz, I bought TRS2010 and decided to try my hand at building sessions.  With the success of my first group of session (Travis Daily Coal Sessions) and the help of Neil Smith (Creator of UMR Routes), I felt it was time for me to build a site.   I'm not the asset builder, but with my background in programming, I feel I can build some challenging and fun sessions.  I really love using the assets from Jointed Rail, RRMods, West Coast Trains, Virtual-Motive-Division, and the latest from 2wayne.  Assets from these sites will be used quite frequently in my session and will even from time to time use the payware locos from these sites.  In the past year Neil Smith has tried his hand at re-skinning.  Some of his work is here on the site and I think you will enjoy trying them out.  I love the Trainz community and love to contribute any way I can.